Baking a Peach Pie

     My mom was the best baker. She learned from her mom and I learned from mine.  Most days she would have some yummy treat waiting for us as we got home from school that we loved.  Cakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies and pies were quickly devoured.  She loved baking and I must have inherited that from her.  Mother wasn't a hands on teacher but she gave me the freedom to create in the kitchen at a young age.  I'd find a recipe that sounded good and make it.  I'd ask her a question if I was unsure of what to do or if I didn't have an ingredient and needed to substitute something else but I was left to my own devices.  Her specialty was pie and she made the best crust.  With lard of course, because that makes the best crust.  When she no longer made lard, Crisco was used and that's what I used in this recipe.  The crust is tender and flakey.  

I started my daughter out baking when she was very young too.  She would stand on a chair with a flour sack towel tied around her as an apron and help me bake.  She would eat the butter, stir the batter, sample the chocolate chips and lick the beaters.  

She joined me in baking the peach pie this week but since she tries not to eat sugar, she made her own little healthier peach tarts.  She loves to bake too. She must have inherited that from Grandma.

I like to use vintage bakeware, measuring cups and utensils while baking.  I feel like it helps connect me with the past, the way things were done in a simpler time when most people did their own baking on the farm.  They are beautiful too.

I didn't crimp the edges tightly on this pie because I though it looked more artistic just loosely pinched.  It was delicious!

Here's the crust recipe that we used:  Pie Crust- 3c flour, 1tsp salt, 1 1/4c shortening, 1T vinegar, 5T water, 1 egg, well beaten.  Mix the flour and salt and cut in the shortening.  Mix egg, water and vinegar and add to flour mixture.  This makes 2 double pies.  This is from The Morgan Cookbook and Mary Ricke submitted this recipe.