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I’m an artist.  I’ve known it since I was 5.  In the specific form of painting and in a broader light of creating something beautiful.  That covers everything from painting a picture, to painting a piece of furniture that I rescued.  From sewing to baking, to gardening, to decorating and design–all of it, creating something beautiful is what I love to do.

I’m also a wife to my husband who helps me create this wonderful life.  I am a mom to three beautiful, young adult children that have given me immeasurable amounts of joy.  The oldest has other parents who raised her but she lived with us while in college and afterwards a bit so we claim her as our own.

My brick and mortar shop is called “The White Brick House” and is located in Forest VA.  I actually named my business "The White Brick House" several years before I opened the brick and mortar shop. I live in a white brick house and that's where the name came from.  I had no idea that I would be opening a shop or that it would happen to be in a historic WHITE BRICK HOUSE.

 I love it when things happen like that!

I live in The White Brick House and this blog is a chronicle of what happens here.  I hope you will join me in the adventures!


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